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The Questions: Zimbabwe Needs A Youthful Revolutionary Action

What Can A Country Like Zimbabwe Do to overcome its socio-economic challenges?
This is the question that many Zimbabweans, local as well as those dispersed throughout the Diaspora are struggling to answer.
Surely there are many ideas, many suggestions appear in the press, and there are the expected responses from State owned propaganda machinery, but very little seems to happen on the ground. There have been several "demonstrations", staged by the opposition party as well as some sectors of the working class, all these have been squashed unceremoniously by the military junta, the ruling ZANU PF whose power is waning daily due to its own internal intrigues and the crushing weight of corruption and debt.

One newspaper article states: "Government fears Sudan - style protests will rock Zim", and continues:
"Authorities moved to acquire millions of rounds of ammunition, 5000 mortar bombs and 58 500 grenades to boost its asernal in preparation for the looming street protests as the intractable political and economic crisis worsens." - Also this; " Speaking in Harare, the spokesperson of teh Heads of Coalitions of Civil Society Organisations in Zimbabwe, Jestina Mukoko, a victim of state brutality in the past, said the number of human rights violations had escalated ahead of today's (16 August 2019) protests amid calls for SADC, African Union and United Nations to condemn widespread attacks on activists." - ( Nyasha Chigono / Bridget Mananavire, writing for the Zimbabwe Independent, August 16 to 22, 2019) -

As a 'diplomatics visitor' in this beautiful Zimbabwe land, I try to keep away from saying too much or commenting on social media about the socio-political conditions here, but since I am an Activist at heart, and experiencing the hardships that most locals face, I have been advocating for a Youth led Revolutionary Movement, a revolutionary front that fuses political as well as cultural/spiritual power, using their energy and creativity to disrupt or upset the set-up. The status quo simply can no longer prevail in this land, so well endowed but plundered by a few greedy elites plus their international co-parasites. Something has got to give. Surely there are enough people in Zimbabwe who have had enough of complaining and praying.
Unfortunately and due to historical factors, many Zimbabweans appear to be living in fear. People simply fear standing up against a brutal regime and this is understandable considering the record. Fear of persecution by government agents is real. However I do believe that it can be overcome. It will either take confrontation, which means sacrifices ...
Some of my friends say that the military junta cannot be defeated through arms, but it will require RITUAL Action.
I say that Ritual is good, but any effective revolution will require whole hearted support by an ideologically clear and organised Worker's Movement.

In Honour Of Kwame Ture I Quote from Black Power

Black Power: Its Need and Substance

"Black people will become increasingly active as they notice that their retrogressive status exists in large measure because of values and institutions arranged against them. They will begin to stress and strain and call the entire system into question. Political modernisation will be in motion. One form of that motion is Black Power.
The adoption of the concept of Black Power is one of the most legitimate and healthy developments in American politics and race relations in our time." - Kwame Ture aka Stokely Carmichael

Reading this brings to mind the ways in which Black power politics are received, used and misused in Southern Africa. While there are various political groups that purpot to espouse it, they are not nearly efficient enough to dislodge the capitalist system. We are practically as divided and therefore weakened as the racist masters of capital accumulation want us to be. Stokely Carmichael towards the end of his illustrious revolutionary life, spoke very earnestly about UNITY OF PURPOSE.
While we may seem unanimously united on social media and at certain national subjects, we are quite divided according to classical class lines. In other places there is still the lingering stench of tribalism as well as other regressive chauvinisms which are relics of a colonial past.
Revolutionaries such as Kwameh Ture are a gift to us, if only we would heed their teachings and truly strive for that Unity of Purpose and stand up - make our world a more peaceful, prosperous and just one.